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Omaker M1 ultra-portable Mini Bluetooth speaker Review

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For big sound on the go, few products can compare to portable Bluetooth speakers. These speakers connect wirelessly to your favorite devices to provide the user with expanded sound capabilities and a better listening experience. They can be great for use with devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Not only do these speakers interact with your device, but they are also very compact, so you can take them anywhere. Check out the Omaker M1 ultra-portable mini Bluetooth speaker for great sound in a small package.

Features of the Omaker M1 portable Bluetooth speaker

With a set of speakers like these, consumers no longer have to settle for the insufficient sound that comes with the speakers on their smartphone or tablet. With features like Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced sound drivers, you will love using this portable speaker set.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled media players
  • Compact design for easy carrying
  • 4W driver and bass port for dynamic sound capabilities
  • Integrated microphone for hands free mobile phone use
  • Up to 8-hours of playback time on a single charge
  • Comes with combination USB charging/audio-in cable
  • Audio-in port for use with devices that don′t have Bluetooth
  • Sleek metallic finish

Pros and Cons

For portable speakers that offer great performance and convenience, there are few like the Omaker M1 mini Bluetooth speaker. Consumers will be amazed by the big sound that comes out of these tiny speakers. You get a good range of sound and it plays music with sharp clarity. These speakers are also very easy to get setup and ready go. When you turn it on, it automatically goes into pairing mode and the user just selects it from the Bluetooth menu on the intended device. Consumers will also like the egg-shaped design of this unit. It is small and lightweight and it fits right in the palm of your hand. This is a first-rate portable speaker system that comes at a low price. The newer version of this speaker is the Omaker M2 Bluetooth 4.0 Hi-Fi Speaker BoomBox which has a few features this one doesn't. Another popular model is the Jawbone BIG JAMBOX wireless Bluetooth speaker which has some of the best ratings of any portable bluetooth speaker system.

What is the Omaker M1 mini Bluetooth speaker good for?

This speaker is designed to be easily portable and to deliver high-quality sound. It can improve the experience of watching movies on your tablet or laptop and it will give you a better listening experience for music on almost any portable media player. It is also very versatile, you can use it with any device that has Bluetooth, but the audio cord means that it will still work for devices that don′t have that option. Not only that, but it also has a built-in microphone for hands free calling with your mobile phone. This portable speaker set is well designed, user friendly and it has good performance. Consumers that buy this portable speaker set will find themselves wanting to use it all the time. It will make the music sound better on devices like MP3 players and tablets and it will bring the sound of the movies on your laptop to the next level. If you are looking for big sound in an affordable mini speaker, the Omaker M1 ultra-portable speaker is a great purchase. Click here to get the Omaker M1 Ultra Portable Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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