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Oontz Angle ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker Review

oontz review
Bluetooth speakers can be a great solution to amplify the sounds of devices like MP3 players, phones and tablets. These speakers connect wirelessly to the device to allow the user to play sounds over a portable stereo speaker. This can be great for watching videos, playing music and a whole host of other functions. One speaker set that provides great sound and convenience is the Oontz Angle ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Soundworks.
Oontz Angle

Features of the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker

A set of portable Bluetooth speakers can be really useful if you want to improve the sounds from devices like tablets and MP3 players. They offer the user better sound than they can get from the speakers that are integrated in the device and they are easy to take anywhere that you need them.
  • Great for all of the most common Bluetooth devices
  • Weighs in at 9.1 ounces
  • Up to 12-hours of use on one charge
  • Built-in microphone for use as speakerphone
  • Easy to pair with devices
  • Audio in jack for sound without Bluetooth
  • Comes with USB charging cable and audio-in cable
  • Independent volume control
  • Pairing indicator light
  • Dimensions in inches: 5.31 x 2.67 (L x H)
  • Great sound and versatility in a tiny package

Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers great sound, try the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker. It is well engineered to get high-quality sound out of its small body. The user gets a surprisingly high level of volume and the device offers a good range of sound. This speaker is also very easy to use, you just press the Bluetooth button to put t in pairing mode and then you select it from the menu on the intended device. On top of all of that, it also works for a long time on one charge. The Oontz Angle offers performance and convenience at a great price. If you're looking for an smaller Bluetooth speaker for portable use, check out the Omaker M1 ultra-portable mini Bluetooth speaker, which is much smaller than the Oontz, which is not that big to begin with. These portable Bluetooth speakers are definitely the future, and there is a size and shape available for all uses.

What is the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker good for?

This is a device that offers a lot of good possibilities to the consumer. It can be great for bringing the music from your devices out in clear stereo sound and it can also improve the viewing experience for videos on your laptop or tablet. If the device you want to use doesn′t have Bluetooth, no need to worry, it has a standard audio in jack and it comes with the cable. It also comes with an integrated microphone for use as a speakerphone. It improves the sound experience of almost any device that you pair it with. From sharing music with friends to making the sound more impressive on your devices, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a handy little device. With the wireless pairing you don′t have to worry about messy cords and this device can stow away in a glove box or purse. For a top-notch sound experience that can go where you go, try the Oontz Angle speaker. Click Here to get the The OontZ Angle - Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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