SHARKK Boombox

SHARKK Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

sharkk speaker review
The Sharkk Bluetooth Speaker features the most recent Bluetooth technology. It delivers a loud sound with excellent quality for a speaker this size. People who love listening to music will love the accurate sound reproduction, without distortion or breakup. It can also connect with other Bluetooth devices and handle incoming phone calls. It is one of the best bluetooth speakers that we have reviewed, here's why.
SHARKK Boombox


  • high-capacity 4400mAh battery
  • supports Aux, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and “siri” functionality
  • photoresistant sensors will automatically light up buttons in dimly-lit rooms
  • frequency response: 60Hz-18 Khz
  • speaker dimensions: 2.3” x 7.4” x 2.7”
  • shipping weight: 2.2 lbs
  • make or receive phone calls with the built-in microphone
  • one-year warranty


The Sharkk Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful model. It can run on AC power via the supplied cord/adapter; or you can charge it on your computer by plugging it into the USB port. If you have a Bluetooth and a cable, you can pair two of these speakers together for maximum sound. The connection, however, is 30 feet, so it's good for listening even if you're outdoors by the pool or in the garden. It's stereophonic, with two speakers up front, and a passive subwoofer in the rear. When in active Bluetooth mode, the Sharkk Boom Box Speaker can be used to ensure that you receive or reject incoming calls. It also allows you to redial numbers. Sophisticated voice prompting software lets you know what the unit is doing, and what its settings are. An LED glows red when the speaker is charging, and goes off when it's fully charged. The speaker's battery icon is located next to the Bluetooth symbol on the phone. All these features make it easy to tell what's happening with your Sharkk,


Some consumers may find the noises bothersome. This unit makes a loud “boom” when it starts up, to signal that it's on. When you fast-forward, using the buttons on top of the speaker, a voice says, “forward track.” When you disconnect Bluetooth and reconnect, the voice says “disconnect” and “pairing.” And when you get an incoming call, instead of just ringing, the phone vocally announces the number. This can be quite annoying in an office, and disturb other employees. The voice sounds unpleasant, as if announcing trains in a station, and there's no way to shut off this feature. The microphone works only when used in Bluetooth mode, not with aux connection, and the battery isn't replaceable. When it goes, you have to discard the unit.


For its size, this is a great little item that delivers superior sound, with strong resonating bass and crystal-clear treble. The music doesn't distort when you're outdoors. Anyone who enjoys listening to jazz, hip-hop, pop, or even talk radio will love it. Click here to get the SHARKK Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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