Sony HTCT260 speakers

Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System Review

The Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System is a sound bar that requires a power of 300W and is of 2.1 channel. It is designed with the latest technologies and has a wireless subwoofer. Thanks to the wireless technology, there is no need to attach speakers and the TV. These can be placed anywhere in the room and the Sony HTCT260 will catch the signals and give a quality sound output.

Connect Your Music Device

Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System streams music from devices that support Bluetooth services. That means that you can easily link up your Iphone, Ipod, Android phone, or any other music device that has Bluetooth compatibility. The Sony HTCT260 has been designed to fit perfectly with HDTV's that are 40 inches or larger.

Product Specifications

Below are the product details for the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System: -         The product dimensions are 3.5 into 37 into 4 inches -         The product weight is about 28.3 pounds Sony's Sound Bar Home Theater System is not just a sub woofer that gives sound output, but it enhances ound and allows us to experience a home theater with better quality.

Benefits and Features:

Sound output personified – with Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System, users can enhance their TV viewing experience with exceptionally rich and clear audio that is as close to natural sound as possible. -         No more space issues – the newly designed Sony HTCT260 is a Hexagon shape that allows the user to conveniently place the subwoofer almost anywhere. -         No more wires – the wireless Sound Bar Home Theater System saves users from the trouble of setting up wires. -         Supports Bluetooth devices – users can stream music from their smartphones, PC, or any other gadget through Bluetooth. This  Theater System supports all Bluetooth devices -         Keep it anywhere - it can be placed anywhere, on a table, on a desk or can even be mounted on any wall because it comes with two keyholes   This speaker system allows the user to enhance the sound output of their TV since the inbuilt speakers of most TV's are placed on the back of the TV which affects the clarity of the sound. Click Here to get the Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews and product reviews by experts have been positive for the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System. If one requires adding sound that can fill the room and enhance the experience of watching TV then the manufacturers recommend getting this system, as it fits those requirements. The system delivers exceptionally high sound output without having too many audio wires involved or setting up any extra speakers. If you're going to buy a speaker system, it is probably a good idea to get one that will deliver the highest quality sound so that you can better enjoy music, TV and movies. Click Here to get the Sony Sound Bar
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