Beats Pill+ Review

The Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker is exactly what you would expect a Beats speaker to be. It is a small yet powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker that provides the listener with vibrant tones and enhanced speaker quality. This speaker comes ready to play and provide you with enjoyable music that will brighten up any moment of your day. For such a small speaker, it is quite surprising just how powerful this unit is. It also features a sleek, modern design.

Beats Pill+ Review

Beats Pill+ Features

The Beats Pill+ has an amazingly pure sound quality for the size, which is what makes it one of the best wireless speakers for the price. The speaker comes Bluetooth ready and has twelve hours of playback time before the batteries need to be recharged. It is capable of charging your phone and other devices because it comes with a USB port and a USB-A charging cable, giving you the option of charging up your devices while you listen to amazing music.

The speaker itself is also designed to receive and make phone calls, meaning you can take this on your next business trip for the music and the conference calling capabilities. It also means you can have clear conversations with colleagues and business associates from halfway around the world if necessary. The speakers come in three different colors: black, red, and white.

Beats Pill+ Reviews

The Beats+ Pill Speaker reviews are mostly positive sighting it as having better sound quality than other speakers on the market. The ability to charge up to a phone while it is playing is an added bonus as many homes and apartments do not yet have built-in USB ports in the walls. The sound quality is particularly good and the base the speaker is able to produce is top of the line. The treble and the high notes that come out of the speaker are not warped and every word that is played has the high definition that you would expect from a Beats speaker.  The volume is very good for its small size.

There are some negative reviews for the speaker indicating faulty units are out there in the market place. One of the main complaints is problems with the battery not being strong enough to keep playing for the length of time specified as well as this speaker being too heavy for its size. It does have a fairly large and powerful battery and speaker system wrapped up into a tiny package. There are also complaints that the volume system used to turn the unit up and down is too sensitive and that the audio jack cannot be plugged in while it gets synced to Bluetooth. While there are negative reviews about this speaker, it is worth the money you will pay to get the quality of sound that is produced. The Beats Pill+ is exactly what any person would want for a speaker in their kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else you may play music. It has a high degree of sound quality and it is easy to stream music from your phone all over the house or apartment. It is also strong enough to survive what life throws at it and keep playing.

If you want to check out some other top rated speakers before making your decision, check out the Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker as it also has extremely positive reviews from past buyers.

Beats Pill+ Review Summary

The Beats Pill+ is a lot of speaker packed into a small unit. The long battery life and sleek design makes it stand out from the crowd, while still being priced fairly. This speaker is perfect to use around the house or travel, as it is super lightweight and easy to carry around. Enjoy powerful base, clear sound and take your music with you wherever you are with the Beats Pill+ wireless Bluetooth speaker.

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Beats Pill+


The Beats Pill+ is a lot of speaker packed into a small unit. The long battery life and sleek design makes it stand out from the crowd, while still being priced fairly.

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